Investor Relations

IPOs & Investor Relations

In the lead-up to an IPO, Christensen prepares our clients for a smooth transition to their new life as a publicly-traded entity and to be ready to interact pro-actively with investors and the media.

Bringing Companies To Market

In the course of an IPO, there are a myriad of logistics tasks where flawless execution is essential. Many companies will take their new IPO on the road to meet personally with investors for the first time, and those early meetings may be critical to developing a community of understanding around your company’s fundamentals. During this entire period, what you can and cannot disclose is strictly regulated, and a misstep can lead to regulatory censure.

After the window period is over, and your IPO is launched, you will need to build a network with new players, both in the financial community and news media, and learn how to present your story with power, style and credibility.

In today’s financial markets, pitching your story to the financial community is rarely simple. We make it easy because we know the players, and we make sure we understand your story as well as you do. Our capabilities are both deep and wide. What it comes down to is delivering your IPO with the maximum impact, so you can sit back and enjoy the moment.

The skills set for managing IPOs relies heavily on our logistics capabilities, but quickly moves into the full range of skills making use of our investor and media networks.

Building Investor Communities

We develop investor relations strategies for companies based on their needs as well as market trends. We know where the money is, and can lead it to you. We know how to navigate global media in the age of blogs and social networks, and how to develop and communicate narratives that meet the ever-shifting focus of markets. Our role is to help you project your value proposition to key audiences.

Building investor and media communities for our clients is the core of what we do, and engages all of our skill sets and creative ingenuity. Among the key tools we use are shareholder identification and outreach, in order to bring together investors who are the most likely to have a deep and ongoing interest in our clients. We also use feedback and perception research, based on extensive interviews with investors, to understand investing trends based on corporate and media narratives and often, misperceptions. We use a variety of other tools to track investor and media perceptions of our clients. While perception studies review issues over a six-month to one-year time horizon, feedback studies can focus on a specific corporate development or an event such as a road show.