Financial PR

Creating Visibility

Long before a company can go to market with an IPO, you need to start thinking about creating a buzz around your company and its products or services. Some companies may want to stay private yet need the financial markets to raise capital through bonds and private placements.

There are many reasons to build your brand and many ways to do it. At Christensen, we take advantage of our deep networks with the financial media as well as investors to bring your story to the market.

  • If you do envision a listing – be it through an IPO, SPAC or direct listing – no time is too soon to start building a following. We work with both traditional media, using the classic approaches – personal contact, press releases, press conferences and arranged interviews – and newer ones incorporating social media and the many online tools.
  • The objective is the same – to make the financial community, including the media, as excited about your company as you are. In the context of an IPO, creating a buzz in advance can mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Even if you intend to keep your company private for the foreseeable future, Christensen can help you develop a public following that can lend support to formal marketing, advertising and regulatory compliance programs.

Need Help?

Today, companies need to be aware of some of the new tools available. We help our clients create visibility using both new and old methods.