Capital Markets Intelligence

Capital Markets Transactions

Christensen uses its knowledge of trading data and global markets to produce the right message at the right time. As with IPOs, success in capital markets is about creating visibility and positive feedback. Sometimes, it’s about how you tell the story. The elements that are included as well as the way they are presented can make a critical difference in building market confidence in your leadership.

There is no substitute for capital markets experience in providing investor and media communications for transactions support. This area of our practice draws in particular on classic tools of investor and media relations, combined with strategic insights from our collective exposure to financial markets and global media for over 40 years. We have made a science of gauging market sentiment, and to that science we add a touch of art, based on well-honed instincts and vigilant focus on market response as it unfolds.

Crisis Communications: Dealing with Black Swans, Downturns, Special Events and Short Sellers

Life is never perfect. Seemingly for no reason, the market may turn against a company that is producing healthy cash flow and returns. As investors perceive the possibility of trouble, they may move quickly and collectively to short the stock, even without definitive proof.

In situations like these – black swans that nobody could predict, specific crises, and large-scale market phenomena that drag many companies down at once – Christensen has the collective experience and institutional knowledge to be able to bring your company back from the brink.

We can help you build capacity to make sure your company never even comes close to the edge of disaster, through crisis management preparation, communications and counseling.

In a market downturn, our aim is to make sure that your company is seen as the exception to the trend. In a black swan event, we develop protective strategies and work to restore market confidence.