About Us

Global Capital Markets and Corporate Strategy Advisors

Years advising companies
Global offices
Clients served globally in over 40 years
Christensen is a corporate communications firm that advises publicly listed and pre-IPO companies around the world. From our offices in China and the United States, we help companies achieve and sustain fair valuation and strengthened brand recognition in the global financial markets using our extensive networks with investors and the financial media.

Since our founding in 1982, we have remained an independent company, and have never lost track of our mission to help our clients achieve the visibility and recognition that they deserve in the global markets.

Why Select Christensen?

Broad Depth of Senior Resources

Christensen boasts a deep team of senior advisors and execution professionals spread across Asia and North America.

Internal IR Support Function Capabilities

We have the resources and capabilities to take on the responsibilities of an internal IR team, train candidates, help with recruiting, and establish the departments’ operating functions.

Strong Global Capital Markets and Media Relationships

Almost 40 years in the industry and nearly 20 in Asia have allowed us to establish strong, long-term relationships with market constituents.  We have the best track record in supporting our clients with not only IPO day media interviews, but also post IPO live television and exclusive interviews.

In-depth Crisis Management Know-how

Our team has the know-how to train and prepare a company to be ready for unexpected crisis management situations.  We have handled numerous crisis situations for our clients both prior to their IPO and throughout their life as a public company, and have successfully recovered their share price shortly post crisis.

Teamwork Across Continents, Languages and Specialties

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We have assembled a team across three continents – Asia, Europe and North America – to serve our clients. We are proud of our multicultural and multidisciplinary capabilities for clients across the spectrum of market capitalization. Whether the need is for assisting companies with long histories of public trading, to managing the IPO of a high-growth emerging market client, to handling a crisis for any of our clients, Christensen’s professionals are prepared.

We believe that our team has the ability to offer superior industry knowledge, skills, analytical wisdom and deep networks for problem solving and communications. We offer the depth of our individual and collective experience, in assessing market risks and opportunities, investor trends, and the ongoing evolution of regulatory and financial institutions as it affects our clients.